A Mascara Alternative

//A Mascara Alternative

A Mascara Alternative

Why do we buy mascara? The main reasons are that we believe it will make our lashes look longer and fuller, but in most cases we tend to be disappointed. That’s why the LVL Lash Lift offers a great alternative.


How much money do you think you have spent on mascara in the past? I’m willing to bet it’s more than you’d like to admit. Each one that comes out promises to be the next best thing, offering false lash effects, thicker lashes and lashes so long you could trip over them.

The reality is that many of them clump, run or smudge which doesn’t quite give the look any of us were hoping for. We wake up with panda eyes in the morning no matter how thoroughly we cleansed and we spend many hours out of the house without any on at all. It all turns out to be a bit of a faff!

LVL Lash Lift

That is why the LVL Lash Lifting treatment is such a revolution. LVL stands for Length, Volume, Lift – and that’s exactly what you get! With just one treatment you can enjoy beautiful lashes that last 6-8 weeks without you needing to put anything on them. To make sure that you get the dark colour that mascara offers, we can also tint your lashes for you, ensuring that they always look their best.

The treatment uses just your natural lashes, so there are no extensions involved and your lashes are perfectly cared for at all times. It works by straightening your natural lashes at the root and then tinting them to give you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes.

Book in for your long-lasting beautiful lashes now by clicking Book Online or give us a call on 01689 823 333.

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