Becoming An Icon

//Becoming An Icon

Becoming An Icon

Beauty and icons have long gone hand in hand together, and it is still the same today. We don’t mean the latest Hollywood starlet or catwalk stunner, we mean the amazing iCon Ultralift treatment.

What is iCon Ultralift?

The iCon Ultralift treatment provides a fantastic anti-ageing effect on your face and body – and the best bit is that there isn’t a single knife or needle in sight!

This fabulous piece of technology uses relaxing pulses to stimulate the muscles, restoring their tone. This means that tired skin can become tightened and your appearance will be improved after the very first treatment.

The process also transdermally infuses toxin free, clinically graded Lift Btx (no needle Botox) deep into the skin to help your skin appear more youthful without undergoing injections.

Where Can I Use This?

We love the iCon Ultralift at Indulgence In Beauty, and have put together a range of facials that incorporate this miracle face lift into it. However, if you want to just concentrate on a particular area, you can choose from:

  • Eye and brow lift
  • Sleek cheeks
  • Ultralips
  • Neck, Decolette Rejuvenate
  • Batwing tone
  • Intensive Hand Treatment

We recently performed the treatment on Carol, who said “just finished course icon lift, fabulous treatment, lower face feels, looks lifted.Have to have once a month from now on. Can’t wait.”

You can book your treatment by clicking the Book Online button or call 01689 823 333.

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