Give Your Face A Lift

//Give Your Face A Lift

Give Your Face A Lift

Many of the key signs of ageing come from a lack of muscle tone in your face. If it was in your body you could simply hit the gym, but how do you get your face back in shape?

In the past, cosmetic surgery has been the only answer, but that is no longer necessary thanks to the cutting edge technology available at Indulgence In Beauty.

iCon Ultralift

To be able to offer the very best in non-surgical beauty treatments, we now use the iCon Ultralift machine to help restore muscle tone. This innovative piece of equipment offers toning and age reversal through its special form of face lifting.

The iCon Ultralift allows us to deliver clinically graded products deeper into the skin, making them more effective and producing wonderfully natural results. All the treatments available with the iCon Ultralift machine and non-invasive and do not use any needles.

No Needle Mesotherapy

Do you want the effects of Botox without, well… Botox? This incredible facial does not involve a single needle or toxin, but it does push fantastic products such as Lift Btx deep into the dermal layers. This helps revive tired skin and muscles whilst also offering a truly relaxing treatment at the same time.

iCon Lift

The iCon Lift treatment is not only iconic, but also delivers dramatic results. The face is noticeably lifted, smoothed and refined thanks to the circulation being stimulated, toxins being eliminated and muscle tone being restored.

Targeted Areas

If you feel that you just want to make a difference to a particular area, then we can offer a facial treatment to match. Whether it is the Eye & Brow Lift, the Sleek Cheeks treatment or the Ultralips Enhancement, there is something to boost, plump and rejuvenate every part of the face.

The iCon Ultralift can be incorporated into a wide variety of facial treatments, so take a look at our Non-Surgical & No Needle Mesotherapy section to find out more. You can book your treatment by clicking the Book Online button or call us on 01689 823 333 to discuss which treatment might be best for you.

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