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Keeping Mum

Being a mum is fantastic. It’s a job full of love, fun and wonder, but it’s also one full of stress, worry and exhaustion. If you’re a mum, this is probably the first time you’ve had chance to sit down for five minutes all day.

A mum’s job is both the most rewarding and hardest you can do, whether you have another job at the same time or not. Juggling your time and trying to keep everyone happy probably means that you don’t take much time for yourself. Lets be honest, how many times have you hidden in the toilet for five minutes peace? Do you find yourself sneaking snacks in the shed so you don’t get spotted? What about standing at the end of the garden just to scream to yourself? We’ve all been there!

Taking time for yourself can seem like a pipe dream, but it is an important thing to do for your wellbeing. Whilst being a mum is your most important job, you might also be a wife, friend, daughter, boss, cleaner or even dog walker. Wearing so many different hats is draining if you don’t make sure that just for a little while you aren’t being just ‘you’.

I can be hard to do at home. There’s always someone who needs you, something that needs doing or messages to answer, so stepping away from it can be the best way to relax and enjoy yourself. Booking a beauty treatment is a great way to claim back a bit of yourself. It might seem frivolous, but it is a little bit of time away from everything else in a peaceful and relaxing environment.

It can also deal with a number of other things while you’re there, from the constant bags under your eyes, tatty nails or aches and pains in your back. Everyone else in your household will have something that makes them happy so why shouldn’t you?

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