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Mum’s The Word

Becoming a mum is amazing, but it can also be incredibly stressful. Knowing what is right for your body, what products to use and simply how to get comfortable can be a minefield.

Pregnancy Treatments

One of the best treats for a mu-to-be is a professional treatment. Many think this extends to nothing more than a nice back massage but actually when you put yourself in the hands of an expert, there are a range of things you can enjoy.

As well as the constantly aching muscles and swollen ankles, many pregnant women suffer from a lot of skin problems. With everything the skin is put through, it can become stretched and dehydrated. A body treatment using carefully chosen oils can help to revitalise you, and the massage that comes with it will help to soothe and relax. Working on the feet and ankles provides a sense of relief you didn’t think was possible and specialist moisturisers will soften problem areas of the skin.

The hormones that are rife during pregnancy don’t just play havoc with your moods, they also completely change the skin on your face. A special facial using coconut oil, mandarin and neroli scrubs, facial massage and hydrate creams will leave you with the glow every new mum is supposed to have.

Even a manicure or pedicure can become tailored to a pregnant mum to make sure she is pampered and soothed without having to worry about what ingredients are being put on her skin.

Pregnancy Beauty Experts

Did you know all of those wonderful treatments, and more, are available at Indulgence In Beauty? We specialise in offering treatments for pregnancy as we know how hard it can be to understand what you should or shouldn’t do.

Iona is the owner of the salon and she has made it her mission to offer wonderful treatments to everyone. That is why she now works with Mothercare to help those with little ones on the way understand more about how they can relax and get those valuable hours of undisturbed sleep. Iona can often be found at local Mothercare events talking to mums-to-be about the kind of treatments they can have, and the products used within them that are suitable for pregnant women.

So, if you have a baby on the way, or you know someone who does, pop in to Indulgence In Beauty and take some time for yourself… while you still can!

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