Summer Skincare Tips

//Summer Skincare Tips

Summer Skincare Tips

We are all enjoying this gorgeous weather as it doesn’t happen very often, but it can take it’s toll on your skin, so we have put together some essential summer skincare tips.

You might think you have your skincare routine sorted, but did you know that you need to alter it throughout the year? There are different ways to take care of your skin depending on the season, so read on to find out what you should be doing this summer.


You might think taking on water is just a good way to cool down, but it is also vital for your skin. Keeping yourself properly hydrated shows in your complexion, and helps to keep your skin healthy and clear.


Many people still think that sun cream is just for their holidays, but this simply isn’t true. Even on a cloudy day, UV rays still get through to damage and age your skin. You should be wearing some type of sun protection factor on your face all year round, but in the current climate it is even more important. Don’t forget, you will need to top it up throughout the day, and remember to apply something to your lips too. We offer some amazing Environ suncare which you can see more of on our Products page.

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Even if you have a good skincare regime, you need to revise it in the summer. You can use a slightly lighter moisturiser in the summer to help keep your skin clear and unclogged.

The harsh sun can take its toll on the delicate skin around the eyes, so make sure you use a good eye cream regularly. Make sure you have a good cleansing routine in place to rid your skin of the added grime and sweat that you are likely to build up during the day.

If you are not sure hat you should be using, book in for one of our incredible facials and we can advise you what your skin needs. Just click the Book Online button or call 01689 823 333.

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